Journal of Analytic Theology

The Journal of Analytic Theology is an open access, international journal that publishes articles, book reviews, and book symposia that explore theological and meta-theological topics in a manner that prizes terminological clarity and argumentative rigor. This includes historical studies that seek to elucidate conceptual challenges or explore strategies for addressing them.

Vol 3

Table of Contents

Introduction to Vol. 3 HTML PDF


Is Ransom Enough? HTML PDF
Oliver D. Crisp 1-16
What Makes Theology Theological? PDF
John Webster 17-28
The Problem of Holiness PDF
Alan Mittleman 29-46
Communal Substitutionary Atonement PDF
Joshua Thurow 47-69
Rites of Remission PDF
Terence Cuneo 70-88
Grace and Free Will: Quiescence and Control PDF
Simon Kittle 89-108
Flint's Molinism and the Incarnation is too Radical PDF
R.T. Mullins 109-123
Do God's Beliefs about the Future Depend on the Future? PDF
T. Ryan Byerly 124-129
The Certainty of Faith: A Problem for Christian Fallibilists? PDF
Brandon Dahm 130-146
50 Years of Gettier: A New Direction in Religious Epistemology? PDF
Ian Michael Church 147-171


Three Replies: On Revelation, Natural Law and Jewish Autonomy in Theology PDF
Yoram Hazony 172-205

Book Reviews

Nicola Hoggard Creegan, Animal Suffering and the Problem of Evil PDF
Faith Glavey Pawl 206-211
Trent Dougherty, The Problem of Animal Pain: A Theodicy for all Creatures Great and Small PDF
Nicola Hoggard Creegan 212-217
Nicholas E. Lombardo, The Father’s Will: Christ’s Crucifixion and the Goodness of God PDF
Peter W. Martens 218-222
David Meconi, The One Christ: St. Augustine’s Theology of Deification PDF
Joshua Farris 223-225
Ilaria Ramelli, The Christian Doctrine of Apokatastasis: A Critical Assessment from the New Testament to Eriugena PDF
Steven Nemes 226-233
Kevin Timpe, Free Will in Philosophical Theology PDF
William Hasker 234-238
Kevin Timpe and Craig A. Boyd, eds., Virtues and Their Vices PDF
Kyle Strobel 239-241

The Journal of Analytic Theology is a joint publication of the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame and Baylor University.

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