Journal of Analytic Theology

The Journal of Analytic Theology is an open access, international journal that publishes articles, book reviews, and book symposia that explore theological and meta-theological topics in a manner that prizes terminological clarity and argumentative rigor. This includes historical studies that seek to elucidate conceptual challenges or explore strategies for addressing them.

Vol 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Introduction to Vol. 2 HTML PDF


What's Wrong with the Ontotheological Error? HTML PDF
Marilyn McCord Adams 1-12
Theological Anti-Realism HTML PDF
John A Keller 13-42
Analytic Theology as a Way of Life PDF
William Wood 43-60
A Solution to the Fundamental Philosophical Problem of Christology PDF
Timothy Pawl 61-85
Christological Consistency and the Reduplicative Qua PDF
Michael Gorman 86-100
On the An-Enhypostasia Distinction and Three-Part Concrete-Nature Christology: The Divine Preconscious Model PDF
Andrew Loke 101-116
Liturgical Immersion PDF
Terence Cuneo 117-139
On Being the Literal Image of God PDF
Mark McLeod-Harrison 140-159
Doing Hard Time: Is God the Prisoner of the Oldest Dimension? PDF
R T Mullins 160-185
Divine Deception and Monotheism PDF
Dale Tuggy 186-209
Towards a Model of Indwelling: A Conversation with Jonathan Edwards and William Alston PDF
Ray S Yeo 210-237


Response to Yoram Hazony, The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture PDF
C L Brinks 238-249
Hebrew Philosophy or Jewish Theology? A False Dichotomy PDF
Samuel Lebens 250-260
The Antitheist meets the Shepherd: A response to Yoram Hazony’s The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture PDF
Randal Rauser 261-270
Narrative as Philosophy: Methodological Issues in Abstracting from Hebrew Scripture PDF
Jessica Wilson 271-281

Book Reviews

Mark R. Wynn, Renewing the Senses: A Study of the Philosophy and Theology of the Spiritual Life PDF
Sameer Yadav 282-287
Jeanine Diller and Asa Kasher, eds., Models of God and Alternative Ultimate Realities PDF
R T Mullins 288-293
William Hasker, Metaphysics and the Tri-Personal God PDF
Matthew Levering 294-298

The Journal of Analytic Theology is a joint publication of the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame and Baylor University.

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