Vol 4

Table of Contents

Introduction to Vol. 4 HTML PDF


Knowing God Liturgically HTML PDF
Nicholas Wolterstorff 1-16
Mystical Experience and the Apophatic Attitude PDF
Sameer Yadav 17-43
What is ‘religious experience’ in Schleiermacher’s Dogmatics, and why does it matter? PDF
Andrew Dole 44-65
Christian apokatastasis: Two Paradigmatic Objections PDF
Steven Nemes 66-86
Could there be Suffering in Paradise? The Primal Sin, the Beatific Vision, and Suffering in Paradise PDF
David Andrew Worsley 87-105
Trinitarian Inseparable Operations and the Incarnation PDF
Adonis Vidu 106-127
Identical Legal Entities and the Trinity: Relative-Social Trinitarianism PDF
James Goetz 128-146
Quantum Randomness, Hylomorphism, and Classical Theism PDF
Mark K. Spencer 147-170
John Hick on whether God could be an Infinite Person PDF
Daniel Howard-Snyder 171-179


Orthodoxy and Incarnation: A Reply to Mullins PDF
Thomas P. Flint 180-192


Book Symposium, Need to Know: Vocation as the Heart of Christian Epistemology, John G. Stackhouse, Jr.
Cultivating Shalom: A Response to John Stackhouse’s Epistemology PDF
Lynn H. Cohick 193-197
Vocation and Christian Doctrine: A Response to John Stackhouse PDF
Oliver Crisp 198-203
Stackhouse’s Critical Realism: A Pragmatic Epistemology on the Lam PDF
Paul Martens 204-210
John Stackhouse’s Vocation-Centered Epistemology PDF
Myron A. Penner 211-214
Response to Four Good Friends PDF
John G. Stackhouse, Jr. 215-221

Helsinki Analytic Theology Conference
Analytic Theology and the Phenomenology of Faith PDF
Kate Kirkpatrick 222-233
The Experience of Beauty: Hugh and Richard of St. Victor on Natural Theology PDF
Ritva Palmén 234-253
Trajectories, Traditions, and Tools in Analytic Theology PDF
William Wood 254-266
Divine Temporality, the Trinity, and the Charge of Arianism PDF
R.T. Mullins 267-290
The God of the Gaps, Natural Theology, and Intelligent Design PDF
Erkki V. R. Kojonen 291-316
What Does Theology Have to Do With Evidence? Exploring Analytic Theology and Epistemology PDF
Aku Visala 317-331
Robert Jenson and Contemporary Metaphysics PDF
James Crocker 332-346
Analytic Theology and Analytic Philosophy of Religion: What’s the difference? PDF
Max Baker-Hytch 347-361
Dark Light: The Mystical Theology of St. Edith Stein PDF
Olli-Pekka Vainio 362-372

The Analytic Political Theology of Nicholas Wolterstorff
From Romans to Liberal Democracy: Some Questions for Nick Wolterstorff PDF
Terence Cuneo 373-376
Comments on The Mighty and The Almighty PDF
Paul Weithman 377-386
Wolterstorff’s Problem of Almighty Toleration PDF
Kevin Vallier 387-389
Ought the Mighty To Punish Blasphemers? PDF
Christopher J. Eberle 390-394
On Expressivism and Retributivism in ‘The Mighty and the Almighty’ PDF
Marc O. DeGirolami 395-399
God and the State: Response to My Critics PDF
Nicholas Wolterstorff 400-408

Book Reviews

Laura Frances Callahan and Timothy O’Connor, eds., Religious Faith and Intellectual Virtue PDF
Jeroen de Ridder 409-415
Oliver D. Crisp, Deviant Calvinism: Broadening Reformed Theology PDF
Kirsten Heacock Sanders 416-420
Kevin Diller, Theology’s Epistemological Dilemma: How Karl Barth and Alvin Plantinga Provide a Unified Response PDF
Rik Peels 421-427
Jaco Gericke, The Hebrew Bible and Philosophy of Religion; and, Seizo Sekine, Philosophical Interpretations of the Old Testament PDF
Dru Johnson 428-433
Paul M. Gould, ed., Beyond the Control of God?: Six Views on the Problem of God and Abstract Objects PDF
Lorraine Juliano Keller 434-439
Elizabeth A. Johnson, Ask the Beasts: Darwin and the God of Love PDF
Michael J. Murray 440-446
Adam J. Johnson, Atonement: A Guide for the Perplexed PDF
Kevin W. Wong 447-451
Elmar J. Kremer, Analysis of Existing: Barry Miller’s Approach to God PDF
Gregory Stacey, Luke Martin 452-458
Andrew Ter Ern Loke, A Kryptic Model of the Incarnation PDF
James M. Arcadi 459-463
Robert MacSwain, Solved by Sacrifice: Austin Farrer, Fideism, and the Evidence for Faith PDF
Michael Hogan 464-466
Ian A. McFarland, From Nothing: A Theology of Creation PDF
Alexander H. Pierce 467-472
Thomas Jay Oord, The Uncontrolling Love of God: An Open and Relational Account of Providence PDF
Elijah Hess 473-479
Richard Swinburne, Mind, Brain, & Free Will PDF
Ted Poston 480-484

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